About Jonte Africa Premier Group
Jonte Africa Premier Group is Kenya’s fastest growing media company based in Kitengela, Kajiado County. We are a forward-looking digital news provider that focuses on leveraging our top position through strategic partnerships with our vast network of local and regional clients.Together, and in collaboration, we are committed to building top-notch products and providing solutions in this highly competitive global marketplace.
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Computer Accessories

To gain an edge in today’s highly digitized world, where the office is mobile and the mobile is an office, one needs the latest computer accessories for a smooth and easy computing experience. We offer some of your favorite brands to help you improve productivity and accomplish more in more work stations. Browse our inventory for top-selling brands for; desktops, laptops, central processing units (CPUs), keyboards, computer mice, video cards, and high-quality notebook or tablet accessories, and more.

Web Design

We are a creative team of developers and designers, building award-winning websites for our clients.The adage that ‘image is everything’ fuels our drive to create world-class web designs that bring your brand to life. We build remarkable, functional websites that translate your vision into a powerful, visually appealing brand — one that instantly connects with people and stands far and above your competitors.

Printing Services

Great print design is more than the visuals, it is an expression of skill and passion. Our print experts know what works and doesn’t when it comes to print that sells. We consistently deliver premium quality products whose look, feel and texture captures attention and exceeds targets. Whether you need magazines, newspapers, business cards, postcards, flyers or brochures, we guarantee excellent results for entities large and small. Your clients are bound to treasure your print materials and save them as collectors’ items.

Branding Services

Building brand awareness has never been easier. Social media has opened up opportunities for your company’s merchandise and promotional items to be seen across the world through the click of a button. No other branding agency does it better than us. Our branded merchandise solutions strengthen customer loyalty, enlist fans to spread your name globally — ultimately boosting your bottom line. We create high quality t-shirts, hats, bags, totes and cups/drinkware that not only express your brand personality, but also generate pride of item, place and identity. Ensuring that your company is visible locally and globally, regardless of size and positioning.

Graphic Design

Our incredibly talented team of graphic designers can help bring your vision to life by creating elegant design, compelling visuals and messaging that are simply unforgettable. Whether you are interested in logos, direct mail pieces, newsletters, posters, trade show displays or billboards, we are here to actualize your vision. We deliver materials that exceed your expectations and leave your clients with a lasting impression.

Motor Sales

Owning a car or buying a new one continues to elicit great excitement, a clear indication that the invention of the motor vehicle was, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Car ownership is an aspiration that remains a constant — one that our car sales experts meet with exceptional precision. Satisfied and returning customers describe them as brilliant, friendly, ethical and passionate about their craft.